A Catholic Independent Primary School for boys and girls aged 3 to 11

Academic Overview

There are eight classes in the school; Nursery and Reception in the Foundation Stage (ages 3 to 5), Lower Transition (Year 1), Upper Transition (Year 2), Pre - Prep (Year 3), Lower (Year 4), Middle (Year 5) and Upper (Year 6).

There is a Form Teacher for each of the eight classes. Specialist teachers teach Science, French, Music, Art, Games and ICT/Computing. There are in addition Peripatetic Music Teachers.

Class sizes are small with the average number of pupils being 20. Children in Reception to Year 4 are taught mainly by their class teacher in the belief that the development of a close relationship with the class teacher is essential at this stage of their education.

Classroom assistants are also employed in the Early Years. When appropriate, pupils in Years 5 and 6 are set for Mathematics and in these classes the curriculum is mainly taught by subject specialists. Learning support outside the classroom is also available for a small number of children who need extra help.

Assessment and Results

Assessments for Years 3 to 6 are held in November and June of each year and reported to parents. In addition regular assessment is carried out with pupils throughout each year. In May, Year 6 take the Key Stage 2 (SATS) tests in English and Maths levels 3-5. More able pupils are now entered for the Level 6 Mathematics tests. These tests are marked externally. Throughout Years 4-6, Science is assessed at the end of each topic using Rising Stars and an average level given. Year 2 take the Key Stage 1 (SATS) tests in English and Mathematics. These are marked internally.

We do have a mixed ability intake here at Laleham Lea School; all pupils are given the opportunity to achieve their absolute best in all that they do.

All learning contributes to the building blocks for life at Senior School. Preparation for the 11 Plus exams and for Independent School Scholarships takes place throughout school life with particular emphasis during Years 4 to 6. Additional classes are then provided to prepare our pupils for the demands of these tests with extra tuition and practice. Music scholars also prepare through their grading and practice for the Music Scholarship exams for Senior Schools.

External SATS Results

  Laleham Lea Results in 2016

 Level 4 and above in Reading, Writing -100%
  Level 5 and above in Reading – 100%
  Level 4 and above in Maths – 100%
  Level 5 and above in Maths – 87.5%
  Level 6 and above in Maths – 62.5%

  Laleham Lea Results in 2015

  Level 4 and above in Reading, Writing - 100%
  Level 4 and above in Maths - 89%
  Level 5 and above in Maths - 78%
  Level 6 and above in Maths - 22%

  Laleham Lea Results in 2014

  Level 4 and above in Reading, Writing - 100%
  Level 4 and above in Maths - 91%
  Level 6 and above in Maths - 27%

  Laleham Lea Results in 2013

  Level 4 and above in Reading, Writing - 100%
  Level 4 and above in Maths - 100%


This provides all pupils with the opportunity to consolidate work covered in class and to extend their learning. It is set daily to a timetable and the amount given is appropriate to the age and ability of the child. Homework is recorded in Reading Record Books and Homework Diaries which also serve as effective channels of communication between home and school.


Written reports are sent home in December, and July. They give parents information on academic effort and achievement. From Years 3 to 6 they include the exam mark, effort and term grades and a comment on the child's general attitude. Parents' Meetings take place annually, although individual appointments can be made at any time and parents are especially encouraged to contact the school if they have concerns regarding their child's progress in any area of the curriculum.

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