Laleham Lea is excellent ISI inspection Feb 22

Laleham Lea

A Catholic Independent Primary School for boys and girls aged 3 to 11

29 Peaks Hill, Purley, Surrey, CR8 3JJ


Recognising that Gospel values are central to the life of the school, we at Laleham Lea aim to create a loving, welcoming environment in which our children may grow intellectually, socially and emotionally; an environment in which their talents are recognised and fostered and their weaknesses treated with compassion; an environment which provides quality teaching and learning within a balanced curriculum framework and which helps every child to reach their true potential.

Together with parents, who are the first educators, we aim to lead our children towards tolerance, understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others so that they may grow up as well balanced individuals with a strong sense of personal identity and an awareness of God’s love.

The Laleham Lea School Prayer:

This is our school.

Let peace live here,

May love live here,

Love of one another,

Love of mankind,

Love of life,

Love of God.

Let us remember, that as many hands build a house, many hearts make a school.



Infant Child’s Mission Statement:

Please help us to be happy and kind, to always try our best and help others do the same, as we are all special.


Junior Child’s Mission Statement:

We know in our school that we are all part of God’s family. We all work together to make a safe, happy environment, where we can learn and develop our talents to the full.