Laleham Lea is excellent ISI inspection Feb 22

Laleham Lea

A Catholic Independent Primary School for boys and girls aged 3 to 11

29 Peaks Hill, Purley, Surrey, CR8 3JJ


School leavers have been highly successful gaining entry to schools with competitive academic requirements and have achieved a high proportion of scholarship awards to senior independent schools. This reflects a successful fulfilment of the school’s aim to recognise pupils’ talents and foster and nurture them to achieve their potential.’ (ISI Inspection February 2022)

The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.
Pupils make excellent progress, achieving at levels in advance of expectations fort heir age and ability.
• Pupils of all ages and abilities demonstrate excellent skills, knowledge and understanding across the curriculum.
• Pupils are outstanding communicators. They listen most attentively and express themselves
articulately in their speaking and writing.
• Pupils show high levels of competence in their numeracy skills and apply these effectively to other areas of their learning.
• Pupils develop highly effective study skills.
(ISI Report February 2022)

Laleham Lea School leavers transfer to a wide variety of Secondary Schools.

The standards of excellence achieved at Laleham Lea mean that many of our Students go on to the local Grammar Schools or obtain scholarships for leading Independent Schools.

Indeed, over the last four years at least 70% of our students who sat the Grammar test were offered a Grammar or Grammar Stream place and over 40% of our leavers since 2018 have been offered Scholarships at Independent Schools. 

Many of our Catholic families prefer to remain in a Catholic environment similar to that of Laleham Lea and go on to one of the many excellent local Independent and State Catholic Secondary Schools where they achieve many great things.

Offers 2021:

  • 14 Grammar/Grammar Stream Offers
  • 24 Independent School Offers
  • 14 Independent School Scholarships
  • 9 Academic Scholarships
  • 3 Music Scholarships
  • 1 Head Master’s Award
  • 1 Sports Scholarship
  • 100% First Choice Catholic Schools
  • 100% First Choice Maintained Schools

Grammar/Grammar Stream and Independent Offers since 2017:

Leavers destinations for 2017 -2021 include:
Wilson’s School
Wallington Boys
Wallington Girls
Reigate Grammar
Croydon High
Caterham School
The Cedars
John Fisher
St Bede’s
St Philomena’s
Coloma Convent
Riddlesdown School

Laleham Lea Results in 2021 KS2

Reading Comprehension

100% Level 4b and above; 95% achieved above NA;  82% Achieved well above NA

91% Level 4b and above;  86% achieved above NA; 73% achieved well above NA; 41% achieved Level 6+

100% Level 4b and above; 91% achieved above NA; 68% achieved well above NA

Religious Education

59% reached the Expected Level of achievement

23% reached the Expected Plus Level of achievement

18% reached the Exceeding Level of achievement


Laleham Lea Results in 2020 KS2

Reading Comprehension
100% Level 4c and above
89% Level 4b and above
73% Level 5c and above

100% Level 4c and above
94% Level 4b and above
57% Level 5b and above
35% Level 6

84% Level 4c and above
84% Level 4b and above
28% Level 5

Laleham Lea Results in 2019 KS2

Reading Comprehension

100% Level 4c and above

94% Level 4b and above

69% Level 5c and above


94% Level 4c and above

88% Level 4b and above

50% Level 5b and above

25% Level 6


100% Level 4 and above

63% Level 4b and above

19% Level 5

2020 LAMDA Examination Results

17 Distinctions

12 Merits

2019 LAMDA Examination Results:

21 Distinctions

8 Merits

1 Pass

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

EYFS End of Year Results 2021

Total who met/exceeded Early Learning Goals: 80% (Exceeded Early Learning Goals 20%)

National Average: TBC


Total who met/exceeded Early Learning Goals: 100% (Exceeded Early Learning Goals 15%)

National Average: TBC (delayed due to Covid 19)


Total who Met/Exceeded Early Learning goals: 93% (Exceeded Early Learning Goals: 31%)

National Average: 70.7%

2018 (External Moderation)

Total who Met/Exceeded Early Learning Goals: 83% (Exceeded Early Learning Goals 33%)

National Average 70.2%

Parents can obtain full details of the School’s academic performance during the preceding school year (to include the results of any pubic examinations) from the School Office.