Laleham Lea is excellent ISI inspection Feb 22

Laleham Lea

A Catholic Independent Primary School for boys and girls aged 3 to 11

29 Peaks Hill, Purley, Surrey, CR8 3JJ


‘Pupils achieve high levels of numerical and mathematical skills for their age. Young pupils measure and graph the length of shadows, using accurate terminology effectively. Older pupils show confidence handling simultaneous equations and in problem-solving. Pupils apply their numeracy skills effectively to other areas of their learning.’ (ISI Inspection February 2022)

Mathematics starts in our EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and teaches and develops an understanding of numbers, shape, space and measure. Children are provided with opportunities that encourage enthusiasm and a love of learning through exploration, practice and discussion. Children understand the importance of number, shape and measure in real contexts and how this can help to solve problems.

In Key Stage 1 there are five main topics within Mathematics; Counting, partitioning and calculating, Securing number facts, understanding shape, Handling data and measures, Calculating, measuring and understanding shape and Securing number facts, relationships and calculating.  Algebra is also taught within Maths lessons. These five topics are taught throughout the year. Mental Maths takes place regularly, in class and for homework, to help children to develop their accuracy and speed. Knowing times tables confidently is essential in order for Students to do well in Maths.

Within Key Stage 2 there are six main areas where Pupil’s mathematical thinking and number skills are developed. These are: number, ratio and proportion, algebra, measurement, geometry and statistics.

Across all Key Stages the learning objectives for each topic will be differentiated according to the pupils’ level of learning.  It might be the case that extra support is needed or pupils need to be further advanced and challenged to a higher level of Mathematics. As well as this, additional Maths topics will be covered at a higher level throughout the year.

We offer an Accelerated Mathematics Club after school for those students in Year 5 who are particularly gifted Mathematicians to help prepare for the rigors of the Grammar and Independent School examinations. Some of our more capable Mathematicians are working on Key Stage 3 work by the time they reach Year 6.

Mathletics at home is a great way for the children of all ages to work independently on areas of maths they have been taught in class. Pupils receive certificates and house points for sections that are completed.